What time do your children get up on a Sunday morning?  I’m guessing if they are under the age of 12, then it’s pretty early (certainly before ‘Andy’s baby animals’) and that they are ready to kick start the day with an energetic activity. This is why we have started running activities for ages 6-12 on a Sunday morning before church Sundays when we normally also have an All Age worship service). As a church, we feel that it is important that alongside running a Sunday service with groups for children of all ages, that children have the opportunity to play games together and learn a variety of new skills.

Here’s what some of the children said about our first ball games morning on the 12th February:

Janice (Aged 9) says…

On Sunday, the 12th February we played ball games at church at 9:30am. My favourite games that we played were netball, dodge ball, cricket and river crossing… in fact I loved all the games!

Emma (Aged 11) and Charlie (Aged 6) say…

Me and my brother thought that the games would be fun so we went for the last 15 minutes of the ball games. We played a fun game with two teams, who had to get to the other end of the hall on chairs. It was my team and my brother’s that won!

Caleb (Aged 8) says…

It was fun and exciting, my favourite games were netball, hockey and football and all the other games we played.


February’s session certainly was a nonstop run around hour. As well as running ball games mornings, we will be running different activities around themes in the annual calendar, so watch this space.

The next activity morning is on Sunday 26th March (Mothering Sunday) 9:30am, where children will have an Arts and Crafts morning, an opportunity to make something special for a parent/guardian.

All children from Ages 6-12 are welcome. All adult volunteers are DBS checked.

Looking forward to seeing you there soon!

Tim Allen (Community Pastor)